So you’ve just added some fresh new recruits to your workforce and they’re all eager to hit the ground running.

Before you even start assigning them to their desks and cubicles, however, it’s important to take them through a team building exercise of some sort. This will help ensure everyone knows each other, is on the same page and is best placed to start working together.

Most team building exercises are notoriously cheesy, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with boring options like charades.

Instead, why not take your team to Launceston Lanes for a proper work party.

Physical sports are a great option for team building – here’s why:


Building your team through playing sport offers something most other activities don’t – a change of environment.

Unless your office has a purpose-built bowling alley, you’ll have to head to Launceston Lanes for a game.

Getting your team out of the office and in a fun environment can be just the stimulus they need to start some serious bonding together, while physical exercise is always a welcome break to the day.


While bowling is widely considered an individual sport, it’s the perfect sport to build your work teams around.

Instead of traditional team sports such as football or rugby, the number and size of bowling teams you can have is incredibly flexible. You can mix and match staff into different teams or base them on their departments for example.

This way you can really encourage your teams to work together. Just make sure they don’t take their rivalries back to the office!

As you can see, organising a game of bowling is the perfect idea for a corpoarte party where you can build your work teams. So ditch your plans for that awkward company lunch and head down to Launceston Lanes today!